Cromasoft SAS

Custom Process Information Systems Development Service with a built in tool that streamlines development and support, which allows to automate the processes of a Company

Some of WORKSHAPE main features:

Models each process of the company.

Manages and automates the processes.

Increases work efficiency.

Decrease the steps to meet business goals.

WorkShape will allow you to improve production by automating the processes of your company, providing you with our experience to design and perfect the work processes that best suit the needs of your Project. Bear in mind that acquiring this tool, generates added value by making tasks simpler, more agile and safer.


1) For each of the WORKSHAPE objects is possible to make a configuration to allow the modeling of workflows customized to the business needs.
2) It should be noted that WorkShape can be integrated with any information system already existing in some companies.
3) Workshape allows high level of traceability and measurements of each process instance as it progresses during the activities defined in the model. Therefore, the tool provides information about costs and response times for both a specific activity or an entire process instance.
4) Workshape allows to visualize over a graphic model the progress and different paths of a process instance, marking completed activities y signaling if they finished on time or with delay.