Cromasoft SAS

The Office of Pension Bonds of the Ministry of Finance (OBP) has the function of acting as a technical authority in matters of pension bonds, making the payments of the bonds by the entities that the Nation has assumed and keeping the statistics of all the pension bonds issued in the country.

In 2005 Cromasoft migrated the entity’s information system to a database platform for the operation and settlement of pension bonds.

Since 2006 Cromasoft is in charge of the Administration and Operation of the Information System of the Pension Bond Office of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

Since 2017, Cromasoft has expanded the functionality of the system and includes:

CETIL: Electronic Certification System of Working Times-Cetil, a tool through which all certifications of working times and salaries are issued by public and private entities that exercise public functions, or any other entity that must issue certifications of worked or quoted times and salaries in order to be contributed to entities that recognize pension benefits through the completion of a single electronic form, making these immediately available to all pensioning entities through web services, eliminating the need for them to type the history.


to date, thanks to these systems, all the operations of settlement and payment of pension bonds are carried out by the Nation which is worth more than 4 billion pesos per year, and CETIL certifications are issued to more than 7,000 employers.