Cromasoft SAS

Colpensiones is a public sector company of the Colombian government depending under the Ministry of Labor. It is the only public entity that administers the different pensions of the Public Regime in Colombia.

In 2010 Colpensiones began its strategic planning and determined that it was necessary to build a set of information system specific to administer pension for the public regime, so it sought us as an ally for this purpose.

Cromasoft had developed different information systems between 1999 and 2007 and adapted the following solutions according to the needs of Colpensiones:

SNP: Pensioner Payroll System.

RECPEN: A core system that determines whether or not a citizen qualifies for a pension evaluating over 200 types of pensions and several conditions for each single request. This system allows fully automatic processing and manual processing according to the characteristics of every applicant.

SFP: Pension Financing System. System used to determining the pension financing process based on the labor history, generating the corresponding collection account.

SCO: System that provides the tools to collect the debts of employers for different debt concepts.


thanks to these systems, more than 20,000 request are successfully processed every month and more than 1,530,000 pensioners are paid monthly in the largest payroll in the country. This has helped Colpensiones to be recognized as one of the most loved and remembered entities by the Colombian people.